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Hunts Program 2013/2014 Cuesta & Toledano


Estate: “La Centenera de Spinola", in Marmolejo (Jaén).
16 and 17 November Saturday and Sunday
Price two days: 2.300.-€. 1- day 1.800.-€ y 2 day 550.-€.
Quota 1st. day: 2 deer, or deer and fallow deer, wild boar free. High and very high quality chamois. Posts 27 natural.
2nd day piggy, 40 posts, quality trophies are folded.

Ensuring Res per post.


Results hunting La Centenera.

Deer: 38, Gamos: 15 Boars: 52


La Centenera de Spinola.
Emblematic estate Sierra Morena, abundant in mastic, oak, brambles and alconaques. It has a good number of sources of inexhaustible water, allowing espesares in their ravines and oleander bushes, shelter of a large number of jabalíes.Se located in the end of Marmolejo (Jaén), by the Motorway of Andalusia. Linda northward to the natural park of New Place. Access to the property is from the road to Cardena Marmolejo, from the river to the right and towards Aliseda, to find indicative of the estate "Centenera de Spinola".
The topography of the property is descente up the banks of the river Mares, has beautiful canyons that allows the enjoyment of hunters of large piles to pechos.Se monteara the first day aprox.800 acres, Deer, deer and wild boar.
The quality of deer and deer is very good, this spot has two years without montearse and keeps very good trophies.
Historically, they have very good habit trophy boar abut the Natural Park of New Place.
It monteara realas 22 and 25 natural positions on the first day Saturday November 16, with seating o 1 2 deer, 1 buck deer and wild boar libre.Al next day November 17, hunt another spot to farm without Jabalies quota, this is the opposite side faces and gives the people of Marmolejo.Los dumps are also all natural and ride with 40 seats, is a very cochinera spot, with many slopes and large tiraderos.Se hunt with 20 and is expected realas bring down a large number of wild boars with good trophies.
The positions of the property not Shoot males.

Finca "El Álamo", in Cerro Muriano (Córdoba).
14 and 15 December Saturday and Sunday
Price two days 2,600 -. €.
Quota: 4-run cattle quota 3 deer and 1 gram free pig, deer and 2 females 3 ranges, high average quality, high deer.Natural 27 Posts.

Cattle Warranty two per post.


El Alamo.
This property is in the Bacar, end of Cerro Muriano to approx.20 minutes from Cordoba capital.Como, most farms Cordobesas has great encinado, plus lentisqueras and thickets and pine forests in the upper part of the estate. the topography of the property is tambies descente makes to the river at the bottom edge of the farm.
Access to the property is from the road and through the Badajoz population Bacar.
This farm has a high number of cattle, both deer as the deer Gamos.La quality is very good, also a good number of deer (12,14 and 16 points) will melt away.
Saturdays 14 and 15 December monteara to run with 14 realas quota each day.The two días.Los quotas set for both days are 4 males (three deer and one deer), wild boars and 4 free hinds and 2 gamas.Historicamente a number of around 30/40 fold down Guarros the weekend with good trophies.
Ride the farm with 25 stalls, all with beautiful natural piles
ownership positions not Shoot males.

Finca "Las Tajadas", in Hita (Guadalajara).
Saturday January 18
Price 250 -. €
Boar and deer, 70 posts, 60 piggy forecasts, between 6 and 12 and some deer hinds.quality trophies are folded.


Las Tajadas
Open farm, located in the province of Guadalajara, in the town of Hita, less than an hour from Madrid. The spot has an area of ​​1,000 hectares, in his totalidad.Su monteándose terrain is fairly flat with small hills and glens soft, very warm for hunting, not being the typical sierra mountain. The vegetation consists mainly of oak or rock rose, providing much shelter in winter boar and deer.
The hunt with twenty rehalas. The posts are entirely natural.
Forecasts are hunting 60 boars, of which many good quality males are folded into their trophies. Deer are also very good folded down, with some medallables and deer.
The meeting of the hunt takes place in the town of Hita. After breakfast given by the organization, at the armed for placement from the village. Being also the Food and Meat Board in the town of Hita.


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